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PepUp Tech Featured at New York City Salesforce World Tour. Student receives the highly coveted Gold

On December 14th, 2017, Salesforce hosted the New York City World Tour at the Jacob Javitz Center. Our very own PepUp Tech Alumni Nicholas Grant recieved the Golden Hoodie for his commitment to helping fellow student learners in his community to grow their Salesforce skills.

Nicholas attended the PepUp Tech bootcamp in 2016 at Monroe College. Since that time he has helped various nonprofit and for profit organizations to drive success using Salesforce Technologies. He is now a 3x Salesforce certified professional with exceeding creativity, excellent coding adaptation, and proven skills in project management. In the summer of 2017, Nicholas earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from Monroe College. Upon graduation he accepted a full-time role at Praxis where he is a Jr. Consultant and Salesforce Developer. Nicholas spends his free time teaching PepUp courses and helping fellow students find success within the Salesforce ecosystem. We are extremely proud of his accomplishments!

Nicholas Grant, PepUp Tech Alumni and Ohad Idan, Founder and CEO of Praxis LLC at NYC World Tour, Javitz Center December 2017

Photo Courtesy of Zachary Schulman


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