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PepUp Tech’s programs are driven by industry experts who give their time to teach students the technical and soft skills needed to grow a career in the tech industry. PepUp Tech was founded in 2016 to increase the number of underrepresented people in tech. While the tech industry is one of the fastest growing industries with some of the highest paying salaries, it is also one of the least diverse. By running programs that give bright, motivated, underserved student learners the skills, mentors and confidence needed to begin and grow careers in tech, PepUp Tech aims to increase the number of underrepresented minorities, women and low-income people in tech.

Participants will explore careers and gain insight into the Salesforce ecosystem through the heavily active and engaged Salesforce community. Professional industry experts across the country will be on hand to guide learning, share insider knowledge, guide career exploration and offer opportunities for further mentorship and guidance. We utilize the case study methodology in our teachings and reinforce learnings with supplemented Trailhead curriculum to deliver our programs.

This program is for


  • Individuals whose employment prospects have been negatively affected.

  • Individuals who are interested in a career in technology leveraging the Salesforce platform.

  • Interest in technology, business consulting, analytics, or business analysis is required. 

  • A basic understanding of excel concepts, database structure and object-oriented programming is helpful.


Careers Explored 

This course will focus on careers available within Salesforce and the Salesforce ecosystem. We will cover various career paths, salaries, employment locations and the industry roadmap in general. Industry professionals will be on hand to deliver and guide trainings. The following roles will be explored:


  • Salesforce Administrator

  • Salesforce NPSP Administrator 































What are the requirements to join the PepUp Tech accelerated training program?

  1. I have a high school diploma or GED

  2. I am 18 years of age or older

  3. I have an updated resume

  4. I can commit to an 8 - week training program

Next Steps: 

  1. Apply Online 

  2. Submit Financial Documentation 

The following is required in order to complete your application.

In order to qualify to enroll, you must negatively affected due to COVID-19 or be from a low to moderate income background. You must provide proof. Here are some acceptable proofs of income:

  • Unemployment Letter or other proof of unemployment

  • Employer Layoff or furlough letter

  • Employer letter indicating reduction of hours

  • If on Public Assistance, Human resources recent budget letter

  • If in college, Pell Eligibility Proof or Financial Aid Eligibility Proof

  • Other: In addition to the above you can also submit an optional statement explaining your financial situation if extenuating circumstances exist. (This statement alone may require additional follow up from our team to validate income). 


How much time should we allocate per week?

  • 2 hours: online virtual live class

  • 5-8 hours on average for homework assignments

  • 5 hours: Office hours (if needed)​


When will I be notified if I am accepted?

  • All notifications will go out on a rolling basis 

Will this course be offered again?

  • 2020 Courses are completed 

  • 2021 Courses will resume on Saturday, February 6th, 2021


Who do I contact if I need help?

Salesforce System Admin

Learn the fundamentals of  Salesforce administration for

for-profit organizations

Salesforce NPSP Admin

Learn the fundamentals of  Salesforce administration for nonprofit organizations

ABOUT US is a non-profit dedicated to increasing the number of underrepresented people in tech.


Our goal is to inspire individuals to learn about computer science and technology, gain access to people and careers in these industries and ultimately give back to their communities. We seek to promote access in underserved areas.

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