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Larry Salvatoriello

PepUp Tech Board Member

Larry Salvatoriello is a Founder and President of Arkus, Inc., a Salesforce consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations leverage the Salesforce Platform through an agile and iterative approach. Larry has spent the last 20 years helping companies and nonprofit organizations achieve success through leveraging state of the art technologies and is now focused on taking what he has learned and sharing it with the world to achieve human potential. He earned his B.A. from The College of New Jersey and has continued his education path through achieving multiple certifications in project management and Salesforce. Larry is skilled in sales, sales management, productivity, career coaching, life coaching and holistic life sciences. Larry brings this same approach to the students of PepUp Tech, understanding that knowledge accumulation and job placement are part of the overall picture of success for those starting out in the technology space. Larry has worked with the leadership at PepUpTech to include training and skills that go beyond knowledge accumulation and job placement services. Larry currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and four children. He has a passion for music, nature and sports and spends a lot of his free time either at the beach or supporting his children’s sports teams.

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