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Justin Edelstein

PepUp Tech Board Member

Justin Edelstein is co-founder and CIO or Arkus, Inc. and a Salesforce MVP. Born and raised in Queens, New York, and attended public schools from elementary through college; his experiences within the public school system have driven him to advocate for better education funding and opportunities for all students, regardless of background or circumstances. Now a Certified Application Architect, he has brought his knowledge and years of experience to the table to teach 8 classes in the PepUpTech program since 2007. Justin started his Salesforce career with a major finserve company, implementing what was, at the time, the largest instance of the platform. During his tenure there, he became one of the first 500 certified Salesforce Administrators. His next opportunity was at New Leaders, a nonprofit that seeks to prepare education leaders to deliver breakthrough results. He brought his expertise in both enterprise solutions and nonprofits to work to help start Arkus, a Gold Partner for and Premium Partner for In this role, he has been able to work with numerous organizations, as well as lead a team. Justin lives in Long Island City with his wife, Sharon, and their cat, Briscoe. When not working or volunteering, he enjoys watching and participating in multiple sports.

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