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PepUp Tech is made possible by our dedicated partner network. 

Program Partners 

We partner with Colleges, Universities and Community based organizations to deliver on site Salesforce Bootcamp programs on a quarterly basis. 

  • PepUp Explorers Bronx, NY

  • Club Pure, Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie, Florida

  • Monroe College

  • City University of New York

  • Sanctuary for Families, NYC 

  • College Track

  • University of Chicago Black Tech Scholars 

  • United Way Worldwide 


Workforce of Tomorrow Partners

  • Arkus

  • Salesforce

  • NowIt Matters

  • Yurgosky

  • United Way Worldwide 

ABOUT US is a non-profit dedicated to increasing the number of underrepresented people in tech.


Our goal is to inspire individuals to learn about computer science and technology, gain access to people and careers in these industries and ultimately give back to their communities. We seek to promote access in underserved areas.

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