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In January of 2017, Selina Suarez founded PepUp Tech to create a pathway to and through tech for underrepresented students. That same month she began her current role as Senior Product Manager for K-12 Education at in San Francisco. Prior to coming to Salesforce Selina spent 5 years running programs and developing Salesforce applications for K12 schools and Youth Development organizations across the country. From 2003-2011 she worked in Higher Education focusing on educational attainment for low-income, minority and international students. Throughout her career she has been an advocate for educational equality, diversity and inclusion. She frequently performs pro-bono volunteer projects for organizations in support of social mobility for low-income and people of color.


Selina received an MBA in Executive Management from St. John’s University in 2009. She received a Bachelor of Business Administration, with highest distinction, from Monroe College in 2005 where she focused her studies in Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology.


Selina is from New York City and attended public schools including Mark Twain JHS for the gifted and talented where she first began to unravel the complexities and varying levels of education offered to children from low-income areas in NYC.

Founder/CEO/Board Chair, PepUp Tech 

Selina Suarez

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Gina Avila is the Senior Director of Programs and Partnerships at PepUp Tech. She has over 10 years of experience working with nonprofits, educational institutions and community based organizations.  In her role as the Senior Director, she oversees community based partnerships and helps to connect students and alumni to opportunities that will enhance their learning experiences along their journey into tech. In her role as Senior Director at PepUp Tech, Gina fosters an environment of teamwork and ensures that strategy is clearly defined while overseeing performance and opportunities to develop, expand and improve programs. 


In addition to her professional work, Gina is motivated by her passion to help others build, grow and develop. To this end she started a nonprofit in Westchester County that provides personal and professional development to young women and girls. She also volunteers her time at the Guidance Center for College and Career,  El Centro Hispano, and Family Services of Westchester. Ms. Avila currently resides in Yorktown Heights New York, with her husband and 4 children. 

Senior Director, Programs and Partnerships, PepUp Tech

Gina Avila

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Stephanie works at Spredfast as the Director of Salesforce and Business Operations. She got her start in Technology 19 yrs ago at Dell.  After Dell she went on to work for startups and Apple. After Apple she focused her energy 100% on the Salesforce Platform. Stephanie is also a 2x Salesforce MVP with 3 Salesforce Certifications.


She lives and breathes Salesforce, so much so, that in January of 2014, she founded and continues to lead the very first Salesforce Women In Tech chapter in Austin, that now has chapters throughout the US and globally.  She also Founded and has been leading Salesforce Saturday since March of 2015, which works within the Salesforce platform to grow your individual skillets within a team environment, and has grown to many new chapters throughout the US, India and Amsterdam.


Stephanie also works with Veterans and spouses of Veterans through the Merivis Foundation, to help them get started in a career in Salesforce and has been a mentor within the Austin Partners in Education program for the last 3yrs. Stephanie works to provide mentoring to children, teens and adults in both their personal and professional lives.  Due to the amount of mentoring Stephanie has done within the Austin Salesforce Community and the Austin Community in general, she was a Finalist for Mentor of the Year for Austin’s Under 40 in 2016.

Board Member, Workforce Development Committee

Stephanie Herrera

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Rebe is a passionate lifelong learner and teacher. A native Chicago south sider, she comes from an environment rife with struggle and hardship; however, despite those hardships she acquired a deep seated strength to support and empower others in need.


A mother, a trained writer and a major book nerd are just some of her many titles when she is not involved in her extracurricular activities with other Salesforcians.


She currently works as a Salesforce consultant and has also recently received the Salesforce MVP award for her work with others within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Board Member, Curriculum Development Committe

Rebe De La Paz

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Shonnah Hughes has spent over a decade leveraging the platform and other tools to create technical solutions for streamlining and optimizing processes wrought with manual dependencies. Additionally, Shonnah has incorporated her training expertise in conjunction with her process improvement methodologies to effectively and efficiently train customers, end users and stakeholders.


Because Shonnah started her career in customer service, the end user's satisfaction and adoption of software is always at the forefront of the solutions that she designs. She is determined that her team maintain results with solutions and service that is done right. Shonnah is focused on providing her colleagues and customers with dependable and secure solutions that amplifies their satisfaction and success.


Shonnah has managed SFDC in many industries including Finance, Medical, Real Estate and Non-Profit. She has worked as both a member of the IT Group as well as with the Business Development groups and has often times worked as the liaison between the two.


Because she believes in giving back, Shonnah supports non-profits and whole-heartedly champions SFDC's touted "1:1:1 model". She recently created the Women In Tech Diversity Chapter to address the unique challenges and stigmas faced by minority women. This group provides support, encouragement, mentoring and opportunities to collaborate and network.

Board Member, Partnership Development Committte

Shonnah Hughes

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With over a decade of experience building meaningful and sustainable partnerships between nonprofits and corporations, Jessica has led over 100 corporate engagement events and programs, connecting thousands of employees from the finance, media, beauty, fashion, real estate and technology spaces to clients from NYC's largest non-profits.

Jessica has a vast range of experience and expertise within the non-profit space, having raised funds for Safe Horizon, Inwood House, Young Women’s Leadership Network and Grace Institute, in addition to the Obama for America Tri-State Finance Office in 2008. Jessica has a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California.

Director of Development, PepUp Tech 

Krystle Dookoo

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Devohne Moore is an Alumni of PepUp Tech.. He completed the 10-week bootcamp in April of 2018 and then decided he wanted to pursue a role at PepUp Tech to help other students find a way to a career in tech. Devohne is passionate about helping to elevate the status of people of color, low income and LGBTQ communities. He is passionate about  creating pathways for all. 

Program Coordinator, PepUp Tech

Devohne Moore

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Selina Suarez, CEO/Founder

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Gina Avila, Senior Director Program and Partnerships

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ABOUT US is a non-profit dedicated to increasing the number of underrepresented people in tech.


Our goal is to inspire individuals to learn about computer science and technology, gain access to people and careers in these industries and ultimately give back to their communities. We seek to promote access in underserved areas.

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