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Guillermo Pedroni

PepUp Tech Board Member

Guillermo is the key leader and Business Architect at Periccia. A Salesforce implementation partner in Southern California. He holds a B.A. In International Business from Dominican University. He began working with Salesforce in 2007. He’s also been in the IT/Tech space since 1996. He is a Salesforce Certified Administrator and App Builder. Guillermo has been a Salesforce MVP since 2018. He’s an lead instructor and curriculum designer with PepUp Tech. Guillermo is passionate about helping ohana of all colors of the rainbow and orientations to learn about the trailblazer community and how it can help them shine. He has presented at Dreamforce and countless User Group events on many business process automation topics. His personal goal is to do 3 pro-bono Non-Profit projects a year to give back to the community in the spirit of the 1:1:1 model. Guillermo has a consulting background where he’s worked with clients by understanding their operations and in turn helping them optimize their internal processes. He’s worked both with Non-Profits and For-Profit organizations. He has implemented Salesforce in both SMB and Enterprise class corporations spanning multiple countries with up to 3,000 user instances.

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